A place of hope and healing.

Juliette’s House is a Child Abuse Intervention Center (CAIC) that for 20 years has provided service to Yamhill, Polk and surrounding counties of northwest Oregon. Each year, 150 to 200 children are referred to Juliette’s House, usually by Child Protective Services, law enforcement, or medical providers for evaluation as a result of suspected sexual abuse, physical abuse, serious neglect, exposure to drug endangerment, or exposure to domestic violence.

Our Mission. Our Model.

Our mission is to compassionately assess and provide support to abused or neglected children.  We strive to minimize added trauma to these kids by working collaboratively with area law enforcement, the DA’s office, Child Protective Services, mental health agencies and Crime Victim Services. The assessments we provide follow a medical model that involves both a complete medical exam, along with a comprehensive forensic interview of our kids in a home-like, child-friendly setting. Our house is designed to minimize trauma to the child and help make the investigation, treatment and follow-up process less frightening and more successful for the child and the child’s family.

In addition, Juliette’s House provides a wide variety of age-appropriate abuse prevention education programs throughout the community and in schools. Our intent is to create an arch of education that informs and empowers every age group from preschoolers to adults, especially those who work with kids, to be proactive in avoiding potentially abusive situations, as well as recognize and appropriately intervene when abuse or neglect is suspected.

After The Assessment

We also offer treatment options to the children we serve, and provide follow-up services (such as resource referrals) to children and their non-offending family members.
Juliette’s House gives abused children and their families answers to questions, solutions to problems, opportunities to heal and to help themselves, and access to resources and individuals ready and able to help them.

A Community Working Together
Media coverage of high profile child abuse cases and system failures has made people more aware of child abuse and the efforts being made by organizations like Juliette’s House to address the problems of an overburdened system and involve the community in the effort to solve them.
Through the years Juliette’s House as enjoyed generous community-wide financial, in-kind, volunteer and other support.
We want local citizens, businesses and partner agencies to be part of our fight against child abuse. Citizens and businesses can become involved on a variety of levels, each fitted to their own needs, talents and ability to give, in a solid collaborative effort to address the child abuse issues facing Yamhill County.

Professionally accredited by the National Children’s Alliance, Juliette’s House is an active participant in a network of over 20 CAICs across Oregon and over 800 centers across the country.  Much of this work is focused on continually improving the science and art of our work, along with advocating for stronger laws and programs to enhance the well-being of our children.

We support this important work through grants from the Department of Justice, National Children’s Alliance, various foundations, along with donations from corporations and individuals like you.  These multiple funding sources allow Juliette’s House services to be provided free of charge (in almost all cases) to our clients.