Vision & Mission

Our Vision is a caring community, free of child abuse, where everyone is invested in raising healthy children.

Our Mission is to provide compassionate intervention through prevention, assessment and support for children and families who may have been impacted by child abuse.

Goals & Objectives

Juliette’s House has three primary Goals:

  1. To help prevent child abuse and neglect through age appropriate education and training of children and adults,
  2. To compassionately and professionally intervene, assess, and provide support services for children and their families when there is indication that abuse or neglect has occurred,
  3. To raise public awareness of child abuse as a public health issue with significant economic and cultural impact, and likewise advocate for strong laws and public funding to support abuse reduction efforts, and

We strive to minimize additional trauma to alleged child abuse victims by working in close collaboration with local and state community partners involved in every aspect of investigation, assessment, and longer term support programs for the child and their non-offending family members.

The objectives of Juliette’s House Assessment and Support Services are to:

  • • Provide specialized medical examinations and forensic interviews for alleged victims of child abuse and neglect through a multi-disciplinary approach,
  • Be accessible and responsive, seeing children in a timely manner based upon their medical, psychological and protective needs,
  • Provide services which are tailored to the specific child,
  • Provide in-depth, simple to understand evaluation consult with parents or guardians,
  • Refer children and families to qualified providers in the community, and
  • Work with families for up to a year to insure access to supportive, therapeutic services.

To achieve these objectives Juliette’s House provides:

  • Professional services brought together under one roof,
  • A comfortable, home-like environment which strives to contribute to the child’s feelings of stability, comfort, and safety.
  • A climate of collaboration among all Juliette’s House staff and referral agencies, and
  • Ongoing evaluation of services, policies, and procedures to ensure the highest quality of care.

In terms of Prevention, Juliette’s House maintains a robust education program that through audience-specific platforms seeks to empower parents, children and adults (especially those working with children) on being aware of the realities of abuse, on ways to avoid potentially abusive situations, be encouraging of clear and open communication, and providing instruction on what to do if abuse or neglect of a child is suspected.

In cases where abuse has already been identified, we seek to support and educate those children and their families in ways that build resiliency, provide healing and work to prevent any future abuse.

We also engage with public entities such as schools, law enforcement, District Attorney’s Office, faith communities, healthcare providers, DHS, elected officials and other child-welfare stakeholders to participate in educational opportunities and activities to help stop child abuse and neglect.