Safe Kids Program

Baylie Wafer, Prevention Education Director

Safe Kids is an in-school child abuse prevention/ intervention educational program. It is presented to Yamhill County public elementary school children in grades K – 5. Scripted discussion led by our trained facilitators covers bullying, stranger awareness, and unsafe touch. Role-plays are used to demonstrate safety messages and teach strategies for staying safe. We help children identify people they can go to for help, and urge them to talk about troubling situations until a trusted adult intervenes and they feel safe again.

Children have the option to meet with facilitators after each workshop. They may discuss issues at home or at school. Follow-up may be provided by teachers or school counselors. We report any disclosures of abuse or neglect to the Oregon Department of Human Services or law enforcement.

Children are introduced to the Safe Kids Program in kindergarten. They then hear age-appropriate safety messages again every other year until Grade 5, so they can internalize the information and retain it over time. To keep the safety messages timely, discussions about cell phones, weapons, Internet safety, and cyberbullying have been added to the Safe Kids curriculum.

Safe Kids is part of a community-wide effort to educate, intervene and protect children and families impacted by violence and abuse. Upon request, adult workshops are also offered to school personnel, parents or community groups. We believe the Safe Kids Program contributes significantly to the safety of at-risk children and the prevention of child abuse in our community.