Upon arriving to Juliette’s House, the family is greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable Family Support Team. They are with the family throughout the assessment process to:

  • Provide emotional support and comfort for the child and caregiver
  • Help with questions or concerns they may have during the assessment process
  • Explain and offer assistance with paperwork
  • Offer important information about child development and child safety
  • Refer them to beneficial community resources

After an assessment, families will receive treatment recommendations from the assessment team. These recommendations are made to promote the child’s safety and help the family with the healing process. The Family Support Team will follow up with the families to guide them through their recommendations and connect them with the appropriate services. We will continue checking in with families to ensure their questions are answered, determine if any additional services are needed, and ultimately to provide support. The follow up support that Juliette’s House can provide to families can make a significant difference on whether caregivers and children engage with beneficial services and resources.

Family Support Team volunteers are college students looking for practical and internship experience. Students wishing to become a part of the Family Support Team must make a commitment of at least four hours per week. Summer internships are also available.