When a family comes to Juliette’s House for assessment, our trained Family Support Team is here to:

  • Provide emotional support to children and families on the day of the assessment
  • Put children and family members at ease and help them through the process
  • Help families with questions or concerns they may have about the assessment process
  • Help families complete intake forms and other paperwork while at Juliette’s House
  • Offer families printed materials and other information regarding child abuse issues
  • Encourage and facilitate the families’ use of community resources and assistance
  • Encourage and facilitate compliance with the examiner’s treatment recommendations

Continued Services

After an assessment, our Family Support Team helps families connect with services and resources that will help them cope with the aftermath of abuse. This may mean counseling for the child or parent, state assistance if the offender is out of the home or in jail and the family has no other immediate means of support, food stamps – whatever each family needs to move beyond the abuse and recover.

We do both short term and long term follow up to determine if the family has received services, needs additional services, has any questions or concerns, and generally check on how they are doing. The follow-up support that Juliette’s House can provide to children and families can make a very significant difference in whether they connect to services and resources that can help them repair their family.

Team Volunteers

Family Support Team volunteers are college students looking for practical experience or internships. Students wishing to serve as Family Support Team interns must make a commitment of no less than 4 hours per week during the entire school year. Summer internships are available as well for students who can make a 10-15 hr/week commitment.