Hope Can’t Wait!

Juliette’s House is in desperate need to create a private waiting room for our kids and families. Now, when a child comes to Juliette’s House for assessment or treatment their families sit in our small lobby at the front door. There’s no real privacy for them during this very emotional time – and that’s just not right.

To fix this situation, we need to enclose our front porch and create a much-needed personal space for these families. The urgency is that our contractor has just informed us he has an opening and can begin construction in February – so, we need to move fast to finalize getting the needed funds. As we see more children and families each year this issue become even more urgent.  

PLEASE consider an end of year donation to help us MAKE HOPE HAPPEN for our kids.


To read our full story and how this new waiting room will impact our work with kids please download our campaign letter.

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Together, We Make Hope Happen!