And to think, it began with a donation…

Our community saw the need and responded.  Like Paul and Juliette Barber’s gift of our building and all of those with a similar vision and investment in the need and creation of Juliette’s House, their legacy continues on in the lives of every child we help, in every family we support, in every educator, church, civic group, or adult that we’ve empowered with prevention information.

What an incredible gift that has touched and continues to touch thousands of lives each year! Because of people who care we can say, “every child we help is an infinite victory!”

Yet, the need our benefactors responded to remains unyielding and urgent each day. As much as we desperately want to stop child abuse from ever happening, we know sometimes the best we can do is pick-up-the-pieces and help these children heal.  And even though we work very closely with amazing law enforcement and support agencies in our area, the demand for our services continue to rise, along with increasing costs.

Your donation will make a difference. No matter how large or small, every dollar donated contributes to a life-saving legacy for the children and families of Juliette’s House.  Won’t you add your story to the countless others who have given to this tradition of hope and healing?

What will be your legacy? How would you like to give?

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Or Print out this Gift Form and mail along with your check to:

Juliette’s House
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Juliette’s House is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit charitable organization. All donations are tax deductible or may provide other significant tax advantages. Please consult your tax and legal counsel for advice on the giving method best suited for you.